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Last Updated: 13th June 2019

An up-to-date downloadable database of Australian Postcodes and Localities, sourced by and supported by the community.


Some years ago, Australia Post used to publish a full list of Australian Postal Codes including state and location data, in a raw data format, completely free.

They have since stopped doing this, instead preferring to charge for data that is arguably public domain, or at least available publicly in many different forms from many different providers.

I've needed this data for a number of projects over the years, and have collated as much publicly-available postal data as I could find. There are a bunch of files out on the internet with this data, but they are all missing data or detail, so I've tried to collate them as best I can.

You can learn more about Australian Postcodes on Wikipedia.

Current Statistics

The database currently contains 16838 entries, spread over the following states:

State Entries With Long/Lat
ACT 147 127
NSW 5024 4505
NT 378 356
QLD 3557 3443
SA 1715 1657
TAS 844 792
VIC 3305 3060
WA 1868 1674

Data Fields

The files have eight fields in each:

Field Description Example Updated
id Primary Key from source database 1 Regularly
postcode The postcode in numerical format - 0000 to 9999 3000 Regularly
locality The locality of the postcode - typically the city/suburb or postal distribution centre Melbourne Regularly
state The Australian state in which the locality is situated VIC Regularly
long The longitude of the locality - defaults to 0 when not available 144.956776 Regularly
lat The latitude of the locality - defaults to 0 when not available -37.817403- Regularly
dc1 The Australia Post distribution Centre servicing this postcode - defaults to blank when not available MELBOURNE Infrequently
type1 The type of locality, such as a delivery area, post office or a "Large Volume Recipient" such as a GPO, defaults to blank when not available LVR Regularly
status A note indicating whether the data is new, removed or updated - new column Nov 2018 Updated Regularly

1 These fields are no longer being updated, as the data isn't overly relevant outside of AusPost.


Download the database using the links below. The ZIP file contains all formats.

1Mb 3.6Mb 2.3Mb 1Mb 1.7Mb

If you'd like any other format, just let me know and I can add it to this page.

Last Updates

June 13th 2019 Content updates, data clean-up and a few minor corrections from the community.
May 27th 2019 Updates from the community and some data sent from Australia Post. Thanks guys!
January 28th 2019 Updates from the community, including specifically Chris. Thanks again!!
December 6th 2018 Updates from the community, including from Vincent, Pat & Chris. Thanks!!
November 23rd 2018 Updates from GIS source, client data and updates from the community. Thanks everyone!
  • Added 154 new entries!
  • Flagged 502 entries as no longer valid
August 7th 2018 Updates from the community, including from Steve, Pete & Others. Thanks guys!!

Contribute on Github

The source database is available on Github at, where you can submit a change or Pull Request.

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I make this information freely available, and use it for my own client projects and experiments. However, if you feel you'd like to help me out, a donation to the charity my wife and I run would be greatly appreciated! We work hard to Cancer education and treatment in Uganda, Africa, and any support is appreciated!

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Important Notice: I make no absolutely no guarantees as to its accuracy, but please feel free to let me know of any fixes or updates you see.