Pluralsight Course - Skype Web SDK: Getting Started
Learn about the new Skype Web SDK, how it works, how to starting use it, and how the SDK can help enhance your web site or application with Skype functionality. Read More
Kilimanjaro Climb 2015
As crazy as it sounds, we set off again in March 2015 to fundraise for the Telco Together Foundation by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - this time the Lemosho Route. All funds raised go directly to the Foundation's worthy recipients - Second Bite, Inspire, Red Dust Role Models & Sports Without BordersRead More
Becoming a Pluralsight author
Becoming a Pluralsight authorI’ve recently been accepted as a Pluralsight Author, and am busily creating the first of a series of courses on how to develop Skype-enabled applications using the Skype Web SDK.
Pluralsight require a high level of audio and production quality (as they should!), and as such I embarked upon a mission to upgrade my recording equipment to as close to studio standards as I can reasonably justify with minimal budget.
HoloLens - July 2015 News
HoloLens - July 2015 NewsNews and Links from the Internet about Microsoft's HoloLens, including Disney Infinity making its way to Microsoft's HoloLens.
It's only natural for an entertainment corporation as massive as The Walt Disney Company, with IP holdings that span the likes of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, to be exploring the potential of virtual reality.
HoloLens - June 2015 News
HoloLens - June 2015 NewsNews and Links from the Internet about Microsoft's HoloLens, including Xbox Chief Phil Spencer his Favorite Game.
We got a closer look at Microsoft's HoloLens during Build in April, but the company is showing off the gaming aspects of its headset today.
Microsoft has built a new version of Minecraft specifically for its HoloLens headset.
Creating a Presence Dashboard using the Skype Web SDK
Creating a Presence Dashboard using the Skype Web SDKThe Skype Web SDK is a powerful new framework built upon UCWA that allows you to rapidly build Skype-enabled applications and functionality.
In this tutorial, learn how to build a Presence Dashboard to display your contacts and their availability status in real time.
HoloLens - May 2015 News
HoloLens - May 2015 NewsNews and Links from the Internet about Microsoft's HoloLens.
One of the most exciting products Microsoft has in the pipeline is the HoloLens headset that’s supposed to completely change the way you interact with your computer, and the device will go on sale at some point in the future.
However, don’t expect the headset to be that affordable, at least not at first.
Skype Web SDK Useful Links
Skype Web SDK Useful LinksYesterday, Microsoft released the Skype Web SDK Public Preview.
Over the next few weeks I'll be posting a handful of tutorials on how to use the SDK in a real-world environment, but in the meantime these links can help you get started with developing against this SDK.
Introducing the Skype Web SDK
Introducing the Skype Web SDKDeveloping applications with the Skype Web SDK has never been easier with the tools released today by Microsoft at the Build 2015 conference.
The Skype Web SDK is a new set of JavaScript components and HTML controls that enable developers to build new web experiences that seamlessly integrate a wide variety of real-time collaboration models leveraging Skype for Business services and the larger Skype network.
HoloLens - April 2015 News
HoloLens - April 2015 NewsBuild 2015 Announcements - The world's largest software company saved the best for last during the keynote presentation at its Build 2015 developer conference, closing a three-hour parade of demonstrations and speeches with a closer look at its foray into the holographic world.
Ascent to the Summit of Kilimanjaro
Ascent to the Summit of KilimanjaroTonight at midnight, we begin our ascent to the peak of Kilimanjaro, Uruhu Peak at an altitude of 5,895m.
It will take us around 8 hours to complete the climb.
We're on our way to Kilimanjaro!
We're on our way to Kilimanjaro!In a little over 48hrs we begin our climb of the world's largest freestanding mountain, Kilimanjaro, in the northern plains of Tanzania, Africa.
All to raise funds for the Telco Together Foundation!
Lync Link List
Lync Link ListIn my travels I collect lots of links to pages about Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business.
JSON to C# class conversion using Paste Special in Visual Studio
JSON to C# class conversion using Paste Special in Visual StudioDon't you just hate it when you stumble over a feature in Visual Studio that's been available for years, and realise that it could have saved you many hours of coding?
Presentation on the Internet of Things and Microsoft Lync
Presentation on the Internet of Things and Microsoft LyncA presentation and discussion about various Lync and Skype for Business development frameworks (UCMA, UCWA, Skype API, 3rd party) and how they can be used as a pathway to implementing IoT (Internet of Things) communication to Lync and Skype users.
Send an IM with UCWA - Hints, Tips & Extra Goodies - Learn More
Send an IM with UCWA - Hints, Tips & Extra Goodies - Learn MoreA few small tricks and techniques for improving your UCWA application and user experience.
Send an IM with UCWA - Setting Presence - Online, Away, Busy
Send an IM with UCWA - Setting Presence - Online, Away, BusyUCWA can be used to dynamically control the presence of an online Lync account.
Send an IM with UCWA - Step 3 - Sending the IM
Send an IM with UCWA - Step 3 - Sending the IMUCWA, or the Unified Communications Web API, lets your send IMs easily using a simple HTTP RESTful API hosted on your Lync environment.
Send an IM with UCWA - Step 2 - Creating the Application
Send an IM with UCWA - Step 2 - Creating the ApplicationThe first step when creating a new UCWA is to initialise an Application - a two way modality between your Lync user account and an intended recipient.
Send an IM with UCWA - Step 1 - Prerequisites
Send an IM with UCWA - Step 1 - PrerequisitesLearn some of the import prerequisites for installing and configuring UCWA on your Lync 2013 environment.
An introduction to Sending an IM with UCWA
An introduction to Sending an IM with UCWAMicrosoft Unified Communications Web API (UCWA) is a REST API that exposes Lync Server 2013 Instant Messaging and Presence capabilities.
This tutorial series explains how to use UCWA to send a simple Instant Message (IM)
The Lemosho Route - Kilimanjaro Climb 2015
The Lemosho Route - Kilimanjaro Climb 2015The Lemosho Route is widely considered to be the best route on Mount Kilimanjaro.
Lemosho, a relatively new route, is favoured due to its beauty, remoteness and success rate.
Building PlanetFall, a LunarLander-inspired game for Windows Phone 8
Building PlanetFall, a LunarLander-inspired game for Windows Phone 8An overview of building a Windows Phone 8 Silverlight Game using XAML, C# and Visual Studio 2013.
Skype for Business Announced
Skype for Business AnnouncedMicrosoft have announced a significant update to the Lync product range, including rebranding the product as Skype for Business, bringing it closer to final convergence with the Skype platform and direction.

The changes are slated for the first half of 2015.
Lync Agent DNS Checker
Lync Agent DNS CheckerLync Agent DNS Checker is a very simple tool to remotely test DNS records against those required for Lync 2013, Lync Online, Exchange 2013 and/or Office 365.
The tool uses a number of external DNS servers (Google, Microsoft, and others) to remotely query a domain name, to ensure accurate results.
Lync Agent DNS Checker is an informational tool – no registration or advertisements, and has just one single function.
Sending PRTG notifications via Lync
Sending PRTG notifications via LyncMore than 150,000 administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, appliances, URLs, and more - now they can easily send notifications via Lync using Lync Agent.
Announcing Lync Agent Beta Launch
Announcing Lync Agent Beta LaunchToday I'm excited to announce the launch of the beta version of our new product, Lync Agent, an API-based framework for sending Instant Messages and other rich content from applications and systems, without the need for a Lync Client, or even your own Lync servers.
Lync Agent is a hosted Software as A Service (SaaS) technology that sits between your Microsoft Lync environment (physical or Office 365), and your applications.
It’s ‘cloud’ based, so you don’t need any special hardware or software.
Why is this useful?Sure, you can send an IM, an Image, a hyperlink or a variety of other content from your Lync Client.
Zork for Lync - Part 1
Zork for Lync - Part 1Ok, maybe not only Zork for Lync specifically, but a Z-Machine interpreter for Microsoft s Lync platform.
But first, a little history Back in the 1970 s, Joel Berez and Mark Blanc created the Z-Machine, the virtual machine used by games company Infocom to deliver its text adventure games, such as Zork, Planetfall and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
These types of games are known as Interactive Fiction, simulated environments in which players use text commands to control their characters as the game plays out.
Hosted Lync vs Office 365 or Lync Online
Hosted Lync vs Office 365 or Lync OnlineIt seems that almost every day, somebody asks me which is better Lync Online / Office 365 or a cloud-based hosted version, such as that offered by telewebica.
Obviously Lync Online and Office 365 are cloud-based solutions, but they are built for the masses primarily the SMB/SME market.
They are online, low-cost, turnkey solutions, but lack a number of key features that are important to many businesses.
Capability and Feature DifferencesWhilst fundamentally the same product, there are a number of significant differences between a hosted implementation of Lync, and that offered by Office 365.
These differences are also valid for On-Premises installations of Lync Server 2013.
Monitoring Lync 2013 with MRTG
Monitoring Lync 2013 with MRTG(also known as Monitoring Lync with Open Source Tools)Microsoft s Lync Server 2013 includes a number of reporting options, however they are server-focused and don t lend themselves well to external queries.
Many network telecommunications providers and technology organisations use MRTG and RRD to monitor key aspects of their networks, devices and environments.
In fact, I use MRTG and RRD to monitor all aspects of our infrastructure, from Hypervisor metrics (CPU, RAM, HDD, etc.
), individual guest virtual machine metrics, and network infrastructure devices such as our routers, firewalls, load balancers and various other appliances.
Wasteland 2 - inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 2 - inXile EntertainmentAdventure in Post-Nuclear AmericaJust on a week ago, inXile Entertainment released a beta of their upcoming game, Wasteland 2 – the long awaited (25 years!).
The original was a post-apocalyptic role-playing video game developed by Interplay, and released in 1988 for the Apple ][, PC and Commodore 64.
The game is set in an alternate history timeline, mirroring that of the original classic game, in which a nuclear holocaust has decimated the planet, reverting society into one of primitive technology and anarchy.
On the day of the cataclysm, a company of U.
Army Engineers were in a remote desolate desert building bridges.
Telecommunications company grows cloud business with Windows
Telecommunications company grows cloud business with WindowsRe-posted from Microsoft Case Studies By moving to Windows Server we've saved around 80% on licensing costs and dramatically reduced provisioning times for new virtual machines.
Matthew Proctor, General Manager Data Centre & Cloud, Primus TelecomBusiness NeedsWith the advent of cloud computing, Primus Telecom found itself dramatically transitioning toward cloud technology.
We began building a cloud environment in the mid 2000s and launched our cloud services formally in 2008 with the acquisition of bespoke Managed Services Provider Imagineering Technology, recounts Matthew Proctor, General Manager of Data Centre & Cloud at Primus Telecom.
Our customer base grew faster than we anticipated so we started to expand our offering.
Book Review - Windows Phone 8 Game Development, by Marcin Jamro
Book Review - Windows Phone 8 Game Development, by Marcin JamroIn the last two years, I have developed a few applications and one game for Windows Phone 7.
5, primarily as a hobby and for my own entertainment.
My last application, Bolo8, deploys fine on Windows Phone 8, but I found online and documented resources at the time difficult to navigate, so learning the new platform was less than simple.
Jamro’s new book, Windows Phone 8 Game Development offers readers a great introduction to Windows Phone development, using the MVVM methodologies, a concept that both logical and appropriate, but unusually absent in other publications.
Kilimanjaro GPS Data Set
Kilimanjaro GPS Data SetUsing a Garmin Forerunner 210, I tracked my recent trip to Kilimanjaro.
The battery died a few hundred metres from Uhuru Peak, but the files below show the Rongai Route and our trip up the mountain in October 2013![Download Google KML Files]GPS Data Set on Google Earth