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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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Speaking more and more both as part of my job with M2, as well as guest panelist or presenter at various technology events, there are a number of online resources out there to help solidify the process in your mind.

I’m not by any means a confident speaker, but both John Papa and Scott Hanselman’s tutorials are a great resource, and I wholeheartedly recommending spending a few dollars to support their efforts and learn from their experience.


Want to be a better public speaker?publicspeaking1

Perhaps you’ve given speeches at work and are considering a local user group. Maybe you’ve spoken at code camps and want to go national or international. Or, perhaps you’d just like to be more comfortable talking to the folks at your office and presenting to the boss.

via Be a better public speaker! PRESENTATION TIPS AND SPEAKING HACKS by Scott Hanselman.


The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentationpublicspeaking2

Looking to nail that coming presentation? Do you want to learn how to tell a story, engage the audience, leave them inspired? Taking a little different direction than my more recent end-to-end Single Page Application development courses, I share with you some of the lessons (some I learned the hard way) and techniques that I ve developed over the years in my experience as a presenter.

via The Art of Public Speaking and Effective Presentations | John Papa.


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