NHew Zealand Postal Codes

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Download Free Database of New Zealand Postcodes

Last Updated: 23rd January 2022

A free, up-to-date downloadable database of New Zealand Postcodes and Localities, including longitude and latitude values, sourced by and supported by the community.

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Current Statistics

The database currently contains 2,699 entries, spread over the following islands:

Island Total Entries Details
North Island 1726 View All
South Island 973 View All

Data Fields

The files have eight fields in each:

Field Description Example Updated
postcode The postcode in numerical format - 0000 to 9999 3000 Periodically
locality The locality of the postcode - typically the city/suburb or postal distribution centre Riverside Periodically
long The longitude of the locality - defaults to 0 when not available 144.956776 Periodically
lat The latitude of the locality - defaults to 0 when not available -37.817403 Periodically
Territory The territory name Whangarei District Periodically
Region The region or state in which the postal code resides. Northland Periodically
Island The island that contains the postal code. North Island Periodically


Download the database using the links below. The ZIP file contains all formats. If there are any other formats you'd like to see, please let me know.

232kb 564kb 462kb 1350kb 978Kb 3380Kb

Last Updates

January 23rd 2022 Major data update:
  • Removed duplicate postcodes in New Zealand database, thanks Chris T.
July 30th 2021 Major Update - Adding in missing suburbs/cities, thanks David P.
May 1st 2021 Initial release - lots of people have asked for NZ post codes, so here they are!

Your Contributions

Any updates, corrections or additions to the dataset is greatly appreciated - this dataset is regarded as public domain - and can only continue to grow and improve with your help.

Help Support This Database

I make this information freely available, and use it for my own client projects and experiments. However, if you feel you'd like to help me out, a donation to the charity my wife and I run would be greatly appreciated! We work hard to provide education scholarships and healthcare services in Uganda (Africa), and any support is appreciated!

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Important Notice: I make no absolutely no guarantees as to its accuracy, but please feel free to let me know of any fixes or updates you see.