Kutamo - Making Meetings Matter

Kutamo is an online meeting management platform, designed to replace traditional pen & paper meetings with an online tool that streamlines how you run meetings.

I founded Kutamo in early 2016, and we launched in early 2017 after a small capital raising and nearly a year of development.

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Collaborate with your team

Kutamo enables you to build virtual teams of colleagues, clients and suppliers,
simplifying the process of creating meetings and inviting people individually.

Teams can share documents, communicate via chat, and collaborate
on important decisions and outcomes for your business.

Managing Teams with Kutamo

Share Documents and Files

When you are in a meeting, you or your participants can upload documents and files to share with the team.
These can include Microsoft Word, PDF, Images and much more.

Sharing documents without having to use any 3rd party software dramatically
reduces delays and improves collaboration efficiency.

Sharing and Editing a Document